To provide economic, emotional and social support to grandparents.

To make a difference in the well-being of the less fortunate grandparents in their late years by providing basic needs and necessities in their daily lives.

1.  75 years or older.
2.  One per household
3.  Born and legal resident of Gapan.
4.  Elderly living in poverty.
5.  No savings or adequate income or pension.   

A. One Year Term Only

B. Quarterly Distribution (December, March, June, September)
     1. 25kgs of rice
     2. Bags of groceries
          a. Corned beef – 3cans
          b. Sardines – 6cans
          c. Skyflakes – 1can
          d. Powdered milk – 2pck   

C. One time for 1 year
     1.  Annual medical checkup or consultation at GAPASCA Medical and

          Dental Mission with priority serve and transportation provided.
     2.  Christmas Present of Php1,000.00

     3.  Socials – Awarding Ceremony and Christmas Party


1.  Start October of each year.

2.  One beneficiary for each barangay - Gapan has 23 has barangays.

3.  Presentation and awarding will be done before the end of the year (December). Transportation is provided
     to the beneficiaries.

4.  If barangay has no qualified candidate, the committee will skip or omit the Barangay.

5.  In case of the primary beneficiary’s death, whereas, the secondary beneficiary
     which is the spouse (regardless of age) will automatically continue to receive
     the remaining benefits for the said term. If no secondary beneficiary declared,
     the remaining benefits in total amount will be given to the family of the
     deceased in cash.


1.  GAPASCA Committee members are responsible in purchasing the groceries
​     and distributing them to the beneficiaries.

2.  Beneficiaries must sign the Control Sheet upon receipt of the goods.

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Adopt-A-Grandparent 2020 Awardees