On January 25, 2014, six families living in Southern California who are descendants of the City of Gapan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines came together and committed to continue what the Gapan Club pioneers had started decades ago in gathering all Gapanenses to celebrate our hometown fiestas. They had a vision and mission to provide opportunities for higher education to disadvantaged students from their hometown City of Gapan while connecting Filipino-American descendants of Gapan in the United States and around the world through cultural, social, religious and charitable events.

Through their hard work and dedication, the six families now called the “Founding Members” organized the Gapan City Association of Southern California and GAPASCA was born. Since then, GAPASCA has evolved into an organization dedicated to the growth and development of its members, their families and the community of Gapanense here in Southern California and its hometown of Gapan City. Our honorary membership offered to all Gapanenses across the globe as well as to family members. Our members are committed to contributing to the organization from offering their time and talents as officers of the organization or through the many volunteering opportunities available in our fundraising events.

Each year, GAPASCA’s cultural and fundraising events begin with the celebration of the Three Kings Fiesta on the first Saturday of January. Around March, our religious event PABASA observed. On the first Saturday of May, we celebrate our Divina Pastora Fiesta, and Santacruzan. The anchor event of the year is our Anniversary & Induction Ball held in June where officers and board of directors inducted, Miss GAPASCA crowned, and the organization’s achievements showcased. The souvenir program published for this event is the main fundraiser to sustain our different service programs. In between the organization’s scheduled events, the organization hosts several trips to Pechanga Casino. GAPASCA also supports the event in its community each year by volunteering at the St. Linus Church Oktoberfest event in Norwalk, California. To wrap up the year, an annual Christmas Party hosted on the second Saturday of December, and through its Christmas Raffle Program raises more funds for its programs.

To date, the organization has achieved its vision to provide opportunities for higher education through its Adopt-A-Student Scholarship Program. GAPASCA awarded a college scholarship to thirty-two graduating high school students in the City of Gapan. Nine of its scholars are graduating in March 2019. In February 2016, GAPASCA launched its second service program, Adopt-A-Classroom Program. The program provides financial assistance to public schools in Gapan City in funding the tools and supplies for their technical, vocational and feeding programs. GAPASCA awarded financial assistance to fifteen schools to date. As the organization continues to evolve, Adopt-A-Grandparent Program launched in December 2017. The program provides economic, emotional and social support to underprivileged grandparents age seventy years and older. A year supply of rice and groceries made a big impact on the welfare of each of the sixtynine recipients. The remarkable success of each of the organization’s service programs earned the trust and support of its members, donors, and benefactors that inspired the leadership to innovate new programs. GAPASCA expanded its horizon through its Medical and Dental Mission. The mission created a community of volunteers in giving back to its hometown, Gapan City. Volunteers rallied to support the two missions held in 2017 and 2018 where a close count of two thousand patients was served. For our Gapan community in the United States, Scholarship Merit Award Program offered to deserving students in June.

GAPASCA is a 501(C)(3) public charity organization in good standing incorporated in the state of California. Our members are committed to promoting Filipino culture and influencing our children who were born in the United States. As Filipino-Americans from the City of Gapan, we welcome you to get involved in our organization and to join our membership. Together we can take pride in our heritage and make a difference in the lives of others.