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If you would like to help make a difference, you are in the right place.


"I have been fortunate enough to experience the both sides of the world. My life was challenged many times and I am blessed to live comfortably with my family. The difficulties made me a better person, and the blessings kept me humbled and grateful. The selfless desire in my heart is to give back and get involved in our community and empower our children to secure a better future through higher education."

Nimfa Castro

"Mabuhay kayo mga kabayan! You are the unsung Hero'es of this generation. I'm interested joining .... I think I can help someone in needs! Our life is all about sharing, loving, caring, and protecting one another as inhabitants of one planet. We, from Gapan City, sympathizes with the misfortunes of others. Come and join GAPASCA. You and I can make a difference by giving someone a gift of CHANCE . . . . GOD bless us all!"

Nomer Barlis 06/05/14

Why join...

Here are just some of the benefits of being a GAPASCA member:

  • knowing that you're helping those in need

  • ​we treat you like family

  • meet talented and passionate people

  • do what you love and keep motivated

  • you can change the world

It's easy to join...

Simply download and fill out the membership form by clicking on the link above and then email it to us at Then just click on the "Pay Now" button below to securely send your membership dues via PayPal (no PayPal account needed).

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